There are lots of times when we hope to keep things compact to avail of its advantages. For a small to medium or a large size business, folding, inserting and sealing mails by hand is time consuming and pricey too.

InTouch Mail can assist all business to keep them free from the need to spend extra on postal expenditure for large packages. Business can stay at pace with their company’s growth by avoiding the critical mailing services be it mail inserting, bar coding, folding, wrapping or posting.

We at In Touch Mail have invested in a wide range of office automation solutions that are affordable, reliable and easy to use. These latest mail folding equipments at In Touch mail, can automate the collation of your mailings with ease. With the use of high speed mail folding machines we are capable to fold your correspondence to the desired finished size.

We assure to streamline your communications and increase your staff’s productivity – leaving them free from all sorts of mail house activities.

You may contact us for all kind of paper folding work and other mail house activities – 03 9706 6620.