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InTouch Mail: Eliminating the Conflicts in Mail Servicing

Getting the word out has never been more important. When the GFC hit people stopped promoting their business and now they are in trouble. In Touch Mail can customize a direct mail marketing campaign to suit your company.
In Touch Mail is your ultimate partner for the most innovative, precise, and up to date mail processing and direct marketing services that can surely eliminate all your mail out worries. We are privately owned company aimed towards providing the best mail out services for people and businesses in Australia. We are particular in making sure that our clients would only be experiencing the best mailing services by meeting the demands of large volume and state-of-the-art mail processing. We at In Touch Mail know that we can make things work according to our clients’ preferences. Satisfaction is our guarantee. We promise to give our very best in every transaction to bring the most gratifying results to our valued clients so as not to fail with your expectations
In Touch Mail staff will give only the best honest answers to all your urgent concerns. You can rely on our expertly trained staff and innovative services like digital printing, folding, envelope printing, inserting, bar coding, latex gluing, shrink wrapping, plastic wrapping and pick packing to have the assurance that all your projects are managed in the most efficient ways.


Pictures can speak a thousand words and with the merchandise that we produce, we can make sure that only the best words will be said about our clients.
It is essential for images to appear the way our clients expected it to become. Acquiring our services is tantamount to the thought of getting rid of the …

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Proper branding should help direct marketing companies on reputation management. Envelope Printing can be an effective tool to earn recognition by putting the company name on the most strategic places. We have high-speed and state-of-the-art equipments to handle the largest of volumes of envelope printing with the benefits of producing only the best results.

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We know how important it is for any business to find the right people or company that can offer the best help. Doing any kind of business isn’t that easy and finding an extra hand that can lend great help is an advantage that should keep a business in line with success.
Mail Processing is an important…

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InTouch Mail offers plastic wrapping or shrink wrapping that will keep products secured by using only high-grade materials.
The InTouch Mail staff can convey results according to what will please our clients…

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